What is a power of attorney (POA)? What does it mean for your credit union when there is fraud? Do you know the right questions to ask when accepting a power of attorney?

A POA is a document that authorizes one person, the Attorney-in-Fact, to act on behalf of another person, the Principal (your member). In the fiduciary relationship, the Attorney-in-Fact must use extra care and good faith when dealing with the affairs of the Principal.

What does it mean for your credit union when the Attorney-in-Fact breaches their fiduciary duty? In a recent Credit Union Webinar Network webinar, Elizabeth…

A home equity line of credit (HELOC) is a unique type of loan that is highly regulated. Reg Z refers to HELOC as an “open-end credit plan secured by the consumer’s dwelling.” and generally provides a draw period followed by a repayment period. Reg Z imposes special requirements for HELOCs including special disclosures, limitations on contract terms, limitations on creditor’s actions a to termination, suspension, or reduction, advertising restrictions, and considerations as to renewal.

In a recent webinar with Credit Union Webinar Network, Elizabeth Fast, Esq., covered the top 10 HELOC compliance mistakes. …

Whether you are composing formal business documents, emails, or social media posts, the goal is to write with as much power, precision, and persuasion as possible. Grammar goofs and punctuation problems can undercut your professionalism and credibility. In the quest to command readers’ attention, documents that convey competence always come out on top. As part of her recent webinar with Credit Union Webinar Network, Nancy Flynn outlined the seven steps for great grammar for business and technical writers:

  1. Stop using exclamation points. In the age of email, some writers have gone mad for exclamation points. You’ve probably seen one-page email…

“Being a head teller is a tough but important job. As a head teller, you are the ‘lynch pin’ of your credit union’s quality service, connecting the goals and objectives of the credit union to implementation in the field. You need to understand and communicate the ‘big picture’ aspects of the credit union to your teller staff while supporting them in the daily challenges of the front line. Being a head teller is a rewarding position, but also a position that takes work to be and remain a dynamic leader!” stated Molly Stull in a Credit Union Webinar Network webinar…

Why did that accountholder leave your financial institution? Which “pain points” were the culprits? How many households are unhappy — or have already decided to switch where they bank? Bruce Paul and Brian Rivel from Rivel, Inc., answered those questions in their March webinar with Credit Union Webinar Network.

Rivel Banking Benchmarks, the world’s largest banking survey, conducted over 200,000 interviews with banking consumers, in 24 states, from over 3,000 US banking institutions. “This is now the largest syndicated banking study in the world, definitely in the United States. The idea behind this is to understand how banking consumers not…

“Our [law] practices revolve around the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) fairly significantly, and we both think it is about to have a moment in the plaintiff's bar, particularly right now that the high-dollar Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) claims are going to be much harder for consumers to bring,” claimed Amy Keeney, JD, and Louis Ursini, JD in their recent webinar with Credit Union Webinar Network. “We have a hunch that this is where the hot-button issue is going to be for the next couple of years.”

Why talk about the FCRA? While it is not a collections act…

This Memorial Day, we honor and remember all who gave their lives for our country.

Using gender-neutral pronouns and policy supports a diversity and inclusion (D&I) program at your credit union. Nancy Flynn, of The ePolicy Institute, lists the benefits of a D&I policy in her webinar with Credit Union Webinar Network:

  • Showcase your organization’s D&I strategy, mission, values, and culture.
  • Boost employee performance by unleashing the power of differences.
  • Improve communication and collaboration among multifaceted employees.
  • Reach ethnically, racially, and generationally diverse consumers.
  • Recruit and retain millennials, minorities, and other sought-after talents.
  • Promote women, minorities, and other under-represented leaders.
  • Eliminate bias and cultivate a culture of respect.
  • Hire and mentor staff and suppliers who…

The Anti-Money Laundering Act (AML) of 2020 was passed on January 4, 2021, as part of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). The AML Act is a “Look-see of what BSA will look like in the future, as the role of BSA is expanded,” Debbie Crawford commented in her Credit Union Webinar Network webinar last month. “It is interesting that it was in the National Defense Authorization Act. It really points home how BSA is becoming part of our national defense and the tone change we are starting to see more and more about the bank secrecy program.”

Division F…

E-SIGN has been around since 2000 when President Clinton signed the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act into law. Twenty years later, the 2020 pandemic forced many credit unions to open accounts electronically and follow E-SIGN when branches temporarily closed. In a recent Credit Union Webinar Network webinar, compliance expert, Susan Costonis, reviewed “the top 10 things you may have issues with and want to verify as you go through the E-SIGN world.”

BSA (Bank Secrecy Act) and CIP (Customer Identification Program): CIP is having a reasonable idea of a person or business’s identity, which is riskier when…

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