• Eltropy


    Digital communications platform that increases engagement and revenue for financial service institutions

  • Jerry Gomez

    Jerry Gomez

  • Richard Reese

    Richard Reese

    Richard Reese of Louisville, KY is the proud President and CEO at Transcend Credit Union. Visit richardreeselouisvilleky.com for more informaiton!

  • Kimberly S. Bohannon

    Kimberly S. Bohannon

    I am a mom, business professional, and volunteer. After caring for my husband (a disabled veteran) for six years, I have a heart for caregivers!

  • Chris Goebel

    Chris Goebel

  • Tess Bower

    Tess Bower

    Financial Education, Healthcare, and AEC Marketer

  • Phil Buffington

    Phil Buffington

  • Walter Merkle

    Walter Merkle

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